East Africa’s First Data-Driven Food Supply Chain Platform


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Problem: The chaotic agricultural supply chain results in farmers being short changed by brokers, 50% post-harvest wastage, and USD30 billion lost by Africa smallholder farmers resulting in overpriced farm produce. 
There Exists No Formal Agriculture Supply Chain Across Sub-Saharan Africa. 
This results in a Shortage of Quality Affordable Fresh Produce In Urban Cities as Well as in Rural Towns 
Solution: East Africa’s First Data-Driven Food Supply Chain Platform. 
We have developed an online B2B platform that directly connects farmers to informal green grocers. By digitizing the value chain, we cut wastage, offer farmers better pricing and deliver fresh affordable products to informal green grocers.  
Urban traders, informal grocers and institutions in Nairobi alone have more than 120,000 whose average basket size is USD50. 
In Kenya alone we have at least 850,000 smallholder farmers. 


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Founded:  2017-04-12

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Location: Nigeria





Dominique Kavuisya