Comprehensive precision agriculture platform powered by AI & earth observation


Company Bio

We are developing a comprehensive AI-powered platform called FarmGate that covers the full spectrum of services needed for precision agriculture (anomaly detection, irrigation scheduling, yield estimation, etc.) as well as novel field scouting application. It exploits the available peta-bytes of remote sensing data from free and commercial satellite constellations such as Sentinel and Planet. FarmGate also facilitates integration with emerging ag field sensing technologies such as IoT field sensors (when available) and features a cloud system that can handle millions of subscribers while keeping operational costs low. 
The platform optimizes all ag inputs to reduce water and nutrients waste, thus creating a positive impact on both the environment and farmers. It also provides a scalable and economically adaptive solution that can be seamlessly utilized all over the world in both developed and developing countries without any specific h/w requirements. 

Zero Hunger

Founded: 2020-08-01 

Team Size: 11

Location: Egypt




Karim Amer

Mohammed Elhelw


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